Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Something Fishy

Gone fishing? Barabsol shaving cream works wonders for getting the smell off hands, counter tops, and as a prewash for those fishy smelling clothes.

Smaller belt will Help.

If your vacuum suddenly seems harder to push or easier to pull, you may need to replace the belt. They sometimes get stretched out and won't turn the roller properly.

Short Cut Dusting

A feather duster sprayed lightly with furniture polish will do a quick dusting job for in between major dusting. It works great on carved and curvey surfaces.

Vacuum B.O.

If your vacuum has B.O. (bag odor), put a dryer sheet next to the bag in the compartment. It will freshen the room as you vacuum.

Sock puppets

Use old socks for dusting mitts. Your hand becomes a duster front and back and your rag won't have to be put down to use your hand.