Monday, May 02, 2005

Baby Oil-Beyond the Normal Use

I was dusting one day and some of the furniture needed an oil polish. I didn't have any so I grabbed the baby oil. It works great and the smell is fresh. My husband has used it on a car and boat he was selling. Made them shiny and he didn't spend a lot of time and money on polish. They sold. I'm sold!

Shiny Stainless Sinks

Your stainless sink will shine and be free of stains around the drain when sprayed with a brand cleaner with bleach. Or, spray with a solution of diluted bleach and a couple of drops of dish washing soap. Spray, let it sit a minute then rinse.

Swiffer Magic

If you have a Swiffer or a Swiffer look alike and you are out of pads for it, a dryer sheet will do the trick just fine. Just attach it diagonally. And, don't throw any pad away after using just one side - turn it over and use the other side to get double the use for your money!